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Given that it was Roddenberry's intention from the beginning to have a social agenda, I think planning for it from the beginning is part of the Trek formula.
That was a much different era for television. That formula would be a tired and trite one today and a sure fire way to get a show canceled fast. Just stick to good stories, and leave the commentary to the commentators, period.

I'll do you one better--I don't really care for ANY of the ships from the Next Generation era except for the Klingon ships. But then, I don't think much of The Next Generation, and hated what little I saw of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, so... :D
I could have said exactly the same thing! Although the ship designs are not that critical to me, I don't much care for any of the ships of that era. But the shows themselves were all duds to me, particularly Voyager and DS9, what little I saw of them! Now, Enterprise I did really like for the most part. And Enterprise had the coolest title sequence of all since TOS!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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