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Wow ! Have been chasing the early Zylmex D series for years and this is one of the
still elusive ... And you have them in spades!

Note worthy ...

I have not yet seen what appears to be a yellow body instead of green.
The painted base yet another variation. Also the early wheels with white hubs,
kinda like the early HW Redlines. I have the D-12 Rebel and D-11 Sand Dragger
also with those type wheels where the tires can be removed from the rims.

Amazing to see them all in one place, I can truly appreciate difficult cars in
beautiful condition. Thanks for posting a learn for the day!


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Thanks Eric! The yellowish one has a green tint to it, odd color for sure. It also came in the box which I got with a few others from an overseas seller. I have a bunch more of the early Zylmex...as with most brands I prefer the early stuff.
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