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Based in Hong Kong, Zyll Enterprises, Ltd, manufactured diecast cars under the brand name of Zylmex. In the USA, they were distributed under the names of Zee Toys and then later Intex Recreation. You could find Zee Toys in America beginning in the late 1960s thru the 1990s. Their first US headquarters were located in Los Angeles, then they moved to Gardena and finally to Long Beach, all in California.

Early production castings had solid disk wheels like the Shuco "Modell" series had. A numbering system was used with a beginning index letter code for each of the different miniature series issued - A, D, P and T. Offerings could also be found in picture box packages.

In the late 1960s, the likely unauthorized use of famous car designer names like Barris and Daniel were used (but, only for a short time) as a marketing tool.

The early "Dyna-Mites" series of F1 racers are noted to be knock offs of Politoys' "Penny Series" that where also distributed under the names "Texaco Scrochers", "Flitzer" and "Diecast Metal Cars". Consideration should also be given that retired, used or replaced molds from other makers where often sold or required by the Chinese government to be given to other established companies and startups; which would make then technically ex-brand casting molds for a new company and not just a copied product.

A series of plastic trucks also appeared around this same time with the Zee logo incorporated into their front grills. Soon after this, the Zee logo also began to appear on the base plates of other castings.

An unspecified relationship via an F1 racer is noted via distribution by Giant Value and made by Popy.

In the 1970s, Zee Toys were distributed under various series names. Such as "Windracers", "Mini Macks", "The Competitors", "Rough Riders", "Super Vans", "Dynawheels", "Highway Patrol" and "MASH".

A 12 casting set of simpler casting designs with no bases or window pieces that had the wheel axle brackets mounted to the inside of the car body like a Tootsietoy or ? were called "Fast Wheels". These were branded as Zylmex and noted as manufactured by Zyll Eenterprises. Playart also distributed this same identicle 12 car set at the same time.

"Krazee Wheels" used many of the same castings, but fitted with extra large wheels and rubber tires - giving them a raised 4x4 look. This series was one of the releases that also carried the designation of being designed by Barris. Shortly afterwards, the tires were change to plastic and the series name to Crazy Wheels with the Barris association deleted from the card front informaton.

Around 1981, the American distributor name was changed to Intex Recreation Corporation. They were still listed as being based in Long Beach. Packaging now reflected this distributor change, but continued with the same series names being used. Such as "DynaWheels", "Victory Crcle", "Wild Cats" and "Pacesetters". There was also a series of friction pullbacks and a series called "Gas Blasters" that used a spring loaded key insert device. In Canada and Europe, the "Dynawheels " series was called "Dartwheels". PK Douglas was the Canadian distributor.

Along this same time frame, a new brand name appeared called MC Toys under Intex distribution. They also marketed them as "Dynawheels' and "Pacesetters' series of castings. These were available in single blisters and in 50 car sets. MC Toys also issued diecasts with light and sound functions. And a series of color changing diecast.

MC Toys eventually transitioned away from Intex to become known as Maisto.

Zee Toys/Zylmex were also available at Sears as "Road Mates" and at Toys 'R' Us as "Fast Lane".

During the late 1980s, Zee Toys' "Dyna Wheels" series were distributed in New Zealand with Fun! Ho labels added.

In 1993, Intex was replaced by Zyll Enerprises, Ltd as the American distributor for Zlymex/Zee Toys. Their headquarters were located in Santa Ana, California.

Around 1995, the Red Box Toy Factory, Ltd took over the Zlymex brand name with their base of operations located in Ontario, California. Two of their series offerings were a military themed series of castings, including tanks - in their "Action Masters" and the "Dyna-Trucks Trailer Sets". Red Box later developed a new casting brand called Motor Max that incorperated some of their ex Zylmex castings into the new brand line up of "Super Wheels".

In March 1996, Zyll Enterprises went out of busy. And in 1997, sold its remaing molds to another unnamed factory company in Hong Kong. (Most likely also Red Box.)

See Associated Hobby Manufacturers, Carmania, Encore Sales, Grand Toys, PK Douglass/Toys, Popy, Red Box, Sears, and YOT also.

An unspecified association with Edocar is noted. (Which may only be linked by Zylmex's association with MC Toy/Maisto.)

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