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Howdy, thought I'd "cross post" this here since some of you all who appear to be SciFi Fans never seem to even stick your head in the Science Fiction Modeling forum....

Bought as a gift for me by my friend Jon/mech, this is one awesome kit. It's arguably the most easily recognizable member of the RTF (not including Galactica, obviously), the "ringship" Zephyr. Also called "Space Park", the ship is from Intersun Lines and features a spinning habitat ring. The scale on this kit from Timeslip Creations is 1/4105 scale and the model itself is right about 12" / 30.48cm long and the diameter of the habitat ring is 6.5" / 16.51cm.

Ringship Zephyr Photobucket Album

I built it up fairly quickly after receiving it, but then was somewhat stumped as to what I was going to do for the habitat ring. So, after painting the main hull Tamiya AS-16, USAF Light Grey, the main hull got put up on the shelf and the habitat ring has resided on my desk for about four months now.

However, Cylon75's (at Starship Modeler and Resin Illuminati) start on his buildup spurred me to revisit my own - mostly 'cause he was asking to see pics of what someone else might have done w/theirs. I'd not gotten too far on my habitat ring, but had at least put some priner on it, glued in some "buildings" and primered it again.

Anyhow, I glued in the aforementioned bits-n-bobs to serve as some sort of structures. I then used Tamiya's acrylic XF-24, Dark Grey for a base surface color, then Model Master enamel SAC Bomber Green, FS34159, to act as "grass". I painted the buildings XF-53, Neutral Grey, but should have gone w/a different color, as they hardly show up now. I painted a "stream" on either side of the outer walls using MM enamel Bright Blue, FS35183. I'm not overly happy w/the results, but dont' exactly hate it, either. Regardless it's too late to do anything about it, so far as I'm concerned....

After the paints dried, I pulled out Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage, used by Railroaders for decades to achieve scale foliage on trees, shrubberys, etc... I have some Medium Green, FC683, and Dark Green, FC684, which I used randomly on the interior. I think it looks tons better w/the foliage in there and they look fairly well like scale trees should, IMNSHO.

Going to be a real beyotch sealing up the ring, tho. Even worse than that? Painting it! Masking the individual windows is right out as I just don't have the sanity it would require to be that patient. So, I'll have to figure something out, which means this is likely stalled for a bit.... :sad:

Anyhow, here you go. Not meaning to steal Cylon75/Keith's thunder on his build. Instead, I'm doing this as a sort of companion to his build. I think it's kinda kewel bouncing ideas off of each other as we have and I can't wait to see how his looks once finished! :thumbsup:
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