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Zellers Canada hot wheels on sale

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To other collectors in Canada, starting tomorrow Zellers will be buy one get one 1/2 price on hot wheels stuff. In Winnipeg we have 3 stores that aren't changing over so they still see some new stock, also find the occasional Garage Car or Boulevard car there!

Hope this helps someone!
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Well the idiots at Zellers have raised the price to $1.99 each, so I guess $1.49 each is a hell of deal.:freak::freak::confused:
they're deliberately jacking up the prices by 50% so they can "reduce" them later by 20-30% when they finally shutdown all of the stores. good riddance zellers!
Shame on the Zellers chain. I doubt Hotwheels was involved with this. I seen myself the $1.99 price each the sale being buy one get one free. Not much to choose from.

It's a pretty terrible way to market the store but they don't really have a reason to care anymore do they? Hit a couple so far and haven't bought anything. Have seen a few garage cars etc, but nothing that has really caught my eye.
They seem to be getting a lot of older cases here. No new models to choose from.
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