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The York Toy Co brand name of "Tuffy" is the 3rd name used for the (4) castings that started out as the AMT"Pups" . They were offered as single car - blister carded items and had silver painted hubs. The models themselves were still being made by Mego. And included all the castings from their "Jet Wheel" casting line up. Except for the open wheel racers, which were not included in the "Tuffy" line up.

They were marketed exclusively by the McCrory-McLennon-Green Stores in York, Pennsylvania. The line up includes one of the last two known castings added to the overall run of casting across all brands - the Bonneville (Catalina), Making this model very hard to find.

They were also available as a brand called "Super Speedy" which were also distributed by the York Toy Co and marketed at JJ Newberrys line of stores this time. These castings had no manufacturer name information. This line up now also include the last known casting added to overall line up - the Torino. Making this last model a very rare find. The F1 racers were not include in this casting line up either. These also had mag wheel stickers on their black wheel sets.

The YDC company name is believed to be the same as the York Toy Co acting as a distributor for them. They also distributed Playart, Universal Group, and Yat Ming products. Based in York, Pennsylvania, as well. They also marketed items for J J Newberry Co department stores as "Fastwheels". The first castings issued, around 1981, were from Playart, followed by Yat Ming and then castings made by Universal.

In the late 1980s, they marketed a line of 'Color Changing Cars'.

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