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Yokomo have released official images and details of their new BD7, which was run in the latter part of this year’s ETS in the lead up to the World championships in The Netherlands. Optimum weight balance has been achieved by moving the motor 9.5mm further inward, while the chassis features symmetrical construction for optimal chassis flex. Other new items include the floating steering servo mount and the split aluminium suspension mounts.

Main Features
- Competition 4WD belt drive touring car
- Left/Right symmetrical construction for optimal chassis flex
- Split aluminuim suspension mounts(front-rear, and rear-front)
- Motor positioned 9.5mm further inward from previous
- Front aluminium solid axle
- Rear gear differential
- Lightweight molded belt-tensioning cams
- Front and rear sway bars standard equipped
- Large volume aluminium oil-filled shocks

Source: Yokomo [teamyokomo.eu]

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