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*Click the image to buy
Yeah Racing latest hop ups for F104 PRO has arrived rcMart.com.
Yeah Racing newly designed hop ups for F104 PRO are including:
(#F104-013BK) Aluminum Motor Mount Single Piece (Just Arrived)
*The (#F104-013BK) Aluminum Motor Mount Single Piece also fits F103RM & F103GT & F103 15th Anniversary
(#F104-142) FRP T-Bar (Just Arrived)
(#F104-014BK) Aluminum Main Drive Shaft Set (NEW)
(#F104-024RBK) Aluminum Rear Body Post Set (NEW)
(#F104-140BK) Aluminum Camber Post Set (NEW)
(#F104-039BK) Aluminum Servo Mount Set (NEW)
(#F104-139BK) Aluminum Camber Mount Set (NEW)
(#F104-141BK) Aluminum T-Bar Mount (NEW)

These aluminum made hop ups parts were aiming to increase the strength of the F104 PRO Chassis and of course the chassis will look outstanding with these shiny parts on.
where to buy?
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