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The Yeah Racing (#YE-0014) Low Voltage Buzzer for 2S/3S/4S Li-Po Battery just arrived rcMart.com.
The Low Voltage Buzzer designed for 2S/3S/4S Li-Po batteries, green LED light is on if the voltage is above 3.6V. It turns to red LED light once the voltage is lower than 3.6V. (Each LED representing an individual cell of a Li-Po pack) If the voltage drops below 3.3V, the Buzzer sent out a loud 'Beep' sound to warn the users. Remindtjhe user for no further usage to prevent the Li-Po battery being damaged from low voltage. Thus, this device is essential to extend the life of Li-Po batteries.

# Measure 2S/3S/4S Li-Po battery
# Prevent the Li-Po battery damaged from low voltage
# Buzz with red LED if Li-Po cell drops below 3.3V
# Reverse polarity protection
# Usefull for Air-RC while the LED cannot be seen
# Compact in size: can be put in micro-heli or other models
# Light weight (6.3g)
# Dimensions: L38.0 x W24.5 x H11.0 (mm)

Source: yeahracing
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