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The Yeah Racing Digital Voltage Reader for 2-6 cells Li-Po Battery (NEW Version) has just arrived @ rcMart.com
Why is the Voltage Reader so important?
# Check whether the battery is performing at the best condition.
# Previously realize the problems of battery before it happens.
# Avoid any accidents caused by the battery

# Measure Li-Po from 2-6 cells
# Continuous readout of battery being measured
# Reverse polarity protection
# Total voltage of the battery pack can be measured
# Highly accurate (0.05V)
# Compact in size: can be put in microheli or other models
# Light weight: approx (4.70 g)
# Dimension: approx: L26.0x W23.5x H10.5 (mm)

Source: yeahracing
Where to buy?
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