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Greetings, I bring you all, my friends and HT members some GREAT news!!!
I wrote to "Hank" of Hobby Talk, about Thomas barth (GoFastRacing),and I have been informed via email that TB has been "BANNED" from the site. Now.. keep in mind I don't know how Hank and the crew do it here (ie by nic or name or email) but he could possibly show up under an "alias" at a bit later time.Or use a diffrent email account or so on, so just be careful when dealing with someone from Howe ,Ind that may be new here. Tho we post things on the boards doesn't mean the higher heads know about it. So, if you ever get ripped off,played ect, on the main page (I beleive at the bottom) it says "contact us" write to the heads of HT, and they will take approriate action as far as the 'sites" conceren. yeah, I may be out of some cars ect, but knowing and warning my fellow collectors of the "Shady" people and now to have him banned makes me feel good. But I know theres are plenty more of his kind out here so just be carefull,and when things go bad, REPORT IT,so the managment is aware of the situation.
I mean some of you are younger or older sure, but speaking for myself,at 46 I have more important things to do with life then to be taken for granted of by someone of his nature. I love to collect, for yrs it was Nascar, now its Bikes & Mustangs, if I can trade something someone wants for something I need, it does both us good!!!
If it means "buying", hey if I can't find it here and I can get get it from another collector, great!!
There are some "Standup" guys on here, I mean EChopper for one..said he' had 3 bikes for me, and tho I asked him 3 times what he wanted in return (cash or Trade) he never asked for a dime.
Thanks again chop, looking forward to when they come in. :thumbsup:
So don't just let things go and don't be afraid to speak up or even speak your mind about someone whose playing shady games.
Ok enough from me.. just thought some of you would like to know. :wave:
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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 12:03:27 -0600

Unless someone tells me about it I don't know. He has been banned.

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> I myself thing Thomas Barth (GoFastRacing) should be banned from the
> He has screwed atleast 6 diffrent members in deals ect. then we he
> get his way,he leaves neg feedback on the parties!!
> He is a con artist,and is not capeable of honest dealing!!
> I plan to report his "fruad" to the proper authorities.
> Thanks
> GreyWolf

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A seperate email can be banned or his IP can be banned. If it was jsut the email, he'd only have to get a new one. If it was the IP, he'd have to relocate his computer or find one somewhere else. That's what I know of it.
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