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Yat Ming Industrial Factory Ltd was based in Hong Kong. They were founded in 1970, by Mr. Wai Ming Lam. In Chinese, Yat means 'best or number one' with Ming coming from Mr Lam's middle name. Although the company has been reported to be previously known as 'Yatming' and repeated as such by many sources, we know now that the correct spelling has always been as the 2 words of Yat Ming. (This is most likely done because the name of Yat Ming is often shown on casting bases as one word.)

Their first diecast miniatures series started with base plates being numbered in the 1000 # range. They all seem to have been of their own original casting designs. They did not have tampoes or stickers applied to them and were painted in simple one color paint schemes. They used a solid 'speed' type wheel design. Most castings had a metal base plate, but the commercial type vehicles used plastic base pieces. In the 1980s, these base plates transitioned to metal and then back again to plastic.

Over time many of their automotive and commercial castings underwent some type of modification. Particularly with the wheel sets being used. Some of those models are said to be based on Tomica casting elements. (Remember though that Tomica's production practice was to retire a few of their castings on a annual bases and they may have simply transferred their retired molds to Yat Ming and others.)

Early package branding featured an eagle logo on their "Fast Wheel" blister cards. Later, the familiar rolling wheel logo (?) was used on the "Road Tough" series of blister cards.

From their inception Yat Ming has always provided their castings to many different American based distributors. They primarily made castings of American, European and Japanese production based vehicles.

In the 1970s, they were providing castings for Blue Box's "Happy Rays Car Lot". This set was distributed by Tundra Imports of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The set also included a plastic tow truck - as one of the provided vehicles. The set also included mechanic figures, lifts, other shop type accessories and a paper playmat.

In 1975, Diamond Toymakers of Skokie, Illinois used Yat Ming made castings in their unspecified branded series offerings.

Some of the other brand distributors that used Yat Ming castings in 1975, were Straco's "Speedeeee Wheels" and "Fast Wheels" series.

The Jim Factory also marketed their own "Fastwheel" series with their own brand label found on the blister cards. On the back was a listing of model #s from 1001 to 1024.

In 1976, Imperial distributed them in their "Action Cars" and "Action Trucks" series.

In the late 1970s, Electro-Plastics Inc based in Newark, New Jersey, marketed their "Happy Mates" brand of "Super Speeders" series using Yat Ming made castings.

Also during the late 1970s, JRI used them in their "Road Champ's" offerings. After this relationship with Yat Ming ended, Road Champ's went on to become an independent manufacturer and distributor of their own diecast line up.)

Other distributors listed without a date reference but from the 1970s era are - Ja-Ru's "Super-Cars"; Jak-Pac's American Classics "Street Cruisers"; NSG's "Traffic Stoppers"; Oak Brook's "Playfun"; and YDC's "Fastwheels".

Yat Ming's castings could also be found in Playart's "Fastwheel" packages with the Playart name obscured by "YMFTY" on their base plates.

At one point, Sears marketed their line of diecast vehicles using Yat Ming castings under their in-house brand name of "Road Mates". Toys 'R' Us also used Yat Ming made castings (and other brands) in their own in house diecast brand called "Fast Lane" over time.

In the 1980s, the Yat Ming production factory moved to Thailand and in 1997, moved back to China

During the early 1980s, Arkin's A-OK Products of Markham, Ontario marketed their "Sport Car Speed Wheels" series using Yatming made castings.

An unspecified relationship with Embassy International is noted. but images from the www show them to have been located in Cincinnati Ohio and distributing Yat Ming castings in carded series called "Hot Shots".

Elector-Plastics, Inc issued a (5) car gift set called "5 Emergency Vehicles" and a group of 'generic' cars called "Traffic Jammers". (Here again, the authors of The Diecast Encyclopedia, often suggest these type castings be referred to as fantasy (or maybe even concepts) as they are unique designs of the maker in each case. Though there are numerous references within the encyclopedia of generic car designs/types are used as well.)

Another Canadian distributor is identified as Encore Sales, who at an unspecified time frame distributed their "Road Tough Blazer" and "Rescue" series.

Grand Toys marketed the van made by Yat Ming used by Road Champ's in their "BJ and the Bear" series in Canada in the early 1980s

Harmony was distributing Yat Ming's "Dustbusters" range of diecast. These were a range of construction vehicles.

Oak Brook Distributors Inc marketed Yat Mings casting as their "Playfun" series.

NSG Marketing Corporation was distributing Yat Ming made castings in their branded series called "Traffic Stoppers" and Traffic Stoppers Road Burners" in both single carded items and sets.

Rose's Department Store, based in North Carolina, also offered Yat Ming's construction vehicles in their in store "Super Wheels" line up.

Toy Galaxy also distributed an unspecified by name series of Yat Ming casting.

In the lae 1980s, Woolworth marketed "Speeding Wheels" and the "Diamond Wheels Collection" series using Yat Ming produced castings.

Imperial was also marketing Yat Ming castings again as "Cruisin' Classics'.

An un-named Cincinnati, Ohio distributor marketed them as "Hot Shots".

Another brand series called "Special Edition Action Fleet" carried no marketing identification information either.

Yat Mings' Road Tough "Street Machines" were distributed as still being made at their Hong Kong factory.

Toy Island also used Yat Ming castings in their "WWF" Series. (check time frame)

By the 1990s, 'Road Tough' brand castings were still being distributed in various levels of quality. An economy series had also been added to the lineup range using opaque windowed vehicles with no interiors. These were marketed primarily as gift sets packages with multiple vehicles.

Kidmark marketed the "Road Tough" brand line up with their "American Dream" series which featured 1950s model castings.

Ja-Ru was now offering a series called "Real Wheels".

Road Tough brand cars were sold under the series names of "Blazer", "Classic Car", Magic Color Car", "Off Roader", "Pencil Sharpener", "Pick Up", "Rally Car", "Rescue" "Speed Machine" and "Truck Mighty" and many other unspecified series names.

The Road Tough "Street Master" series vehicles were built as draw string 'pull'n'run' vehicle designs.

Le Gran Imports of Long Beach, California distributed the "Fast Wheel" series in the early 1980s. A sticker with their name and information was applied to the card back of these offerings.

Larami's "Soda to Go" series used the Yat Ming beverage delivery truck. This truck was also issued by Universal as the Howard Johnson's delivery truck.

Various # of multipack sets were also available up to the Deluxe 100 Gift Set.

Bradshaw International was based in Rancho Cucamonga, California and offered Yat Mings 4x4 castings as "Bright Boys" and then "Krazy Kids Monster Truck". These were most often found in the cereal aisle of select grocery stores as single carded items.

Hudson's Bay company marketed their "Ruff 'n' Tuff" branded diecast at Bay and Zeller's stores in Canada using Yat Ming made models.

In 1995, Computer Associates International based in Islandia, New York offered a (5) pack of Yat Ming castings as a software promotion called "Software Delivery". Castings were selected and decorated to reflect the delivery aspect of the promotion.

Yat Ming is noted to be a one of the diecast makers for Edocar.

When Hasbro purchased Tonka, they aquired Kenner at the same time. And in the 1990s, Kenner issued a "Batman Series" with some feeling that these castings were actually made by Yat Ming, but this remains unconfirmed. Specifically, a similarity is noted between a Yat Ming's 1950s Buick and the Riddler Buick. Another Yat Ming Firebird casting is referenced as being used in an unnamed Kenner promotional offer.

In the late 1990s, Yat Ming introduced their 1:72 scale "Petites" line;

In the 2000s, the 'Road Tough' brand of castings were also distributed under "Street Machine". 'Shyne Rodz' offerings were packaged in single card, picture window boxes, gift sets and play sets.

Gordy was distributing "Radical Wheels"

Bradshaw International, Inc offered various different painted 4x4 vehicles in their series line up.

The Ames's distribution company marketed Yatt Ming's "Select Premier" and issued the Toy Time (?) branded "Big Wheel Truck" series.

In 2001, Gordy marketed Yat Ming's "Radical Wheels" series.

In 2004, Plymouth Toy & Book marketed a range of military vehicles made by Yat Ming as "Wow Toyz".

In 2005, Fred's Inc based in Memphis, Tennessee distributed a (7) car set called "Fred's Kids" using Yat Ming made castings. Gordy also was distributing Yat Ming's "Radical Wheels" series of castings.

In 2006, Yat Ming USA Inc, was based in Duluth, Georgia. With their then current factory located in Dong Guan, China.

The Lam family was still involved with the Yat Ming Industrial Factory company and they had began producing 1:72 scale offerings. The first series was known as "Petites". Eventually they became known as "Road Signature" and then the "Collection". The Road Signature logo returned the eagle element to the brand.

Yat Ming continued producing diecast models until 2013, with their USA distributor known as Yat Ming USA now located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2015, their diecast line up was purchased by Lucky Industrial Group Limited's - Lucky Die Cast brand. Today, Yat Mings are still found under the Road Tough name as toys cars and under the Road Legends name and logo as collectibles. They continue to offer a wide range of 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:64 scale castings.

Yat Ming used a serial numbering system during much of its productions runs and most #ed castings fit into one of these range sequences.

800 Series
1000 Series
2000 Series
3000 Series
7000 Series
8000 Series
8500 - These are 4" (1:43) friction pullback Classic Car models.
43000 These are 4" (1:43) castings of Fire Apparatus.
43200 These are 4" (1:43) castings.
64000 Series
72000 Series These are 2" (1:72) castings.
94000 These are 4" (1:43) castings.

3" (1:64) Scale Yatming Castings List by Make and Model

Like many diecast manufacturing companies Yat Ming produced a variety of different brand series for the distribution of their castings. They also made castings for other companies and distributors. (Further deliniation is needed for these names.)

Action Fleet (K B Toys)
Diamond Wheels (1990s Woolworths)
Diecast Metal
Diecast Wheels (Ja-Ru)
Earth Movers
(1970s) Fast Wheel
Gran Tourismo
Mecum Auctions Special Edition - Road Signature - Collector Series - 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Real Wheels
Road Legends
Road Signature
Road Tough
Road Tough Street Machines
Road Machines
Shyne Rodz / Show Rodz
Speed Wheels (Straco)
Speeding Wheels
Traffic Stoppers
Task Masters
Toy Island - WWF Series
WWF Radical Rides (Toy Island)
(2000s) Yat Ming Road Signature Series
Wheels of Power

Yat Ming is also noted to have had an association to Norev, but it is unclear by the references made if they made castings for Norev or if they also had their own casting made by the same Hong Kong factories (?).

My primary reference resources are member posts and images here at HobbyTalk and other internet sites. Information found in Wikipedia's Yat Ming page of Yat Ming - Wikipedia at the time of this post edit date. Along with information found in The Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers by Sahakangas, Weber and Foster (2006). And the information entries at Planet Diecast from the previous Tales of Toy Cars site.

Additional resources -
Yat Ming | hobbyDB
Toys from the Past: #296 YATMING ? ADAMS PROBE 16 (1005), FORD THUNDERBIRD (1008), VOLKSWAGEN (1009) and MERCEDES-BENZ 450 SEL (1012) (around 1970)
T-Hunted!: A história da Yat Ming
Yat Ming Industrial Factory

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Yatming (or Yat Ming) was a VERY prolific maker of largely "generic, no name, made in China" diecast, some of which were Tomica copies early on. By the time they shut their doors around 2012 I think it was, they had released some very nice models. I have few 1/18 scale models by anybody, probably 25% of which are Yatming Road Signature models and they are quite nice and compare well with any of the others I have. Their late 1/64s included some model cars that are seldom covered by others, including a much sought early Ford Falcon coupe and two different Packard Caribbeans, none of which made it to market (but can be found with some searching on the internet). They also produced a line of vintage pickup trucks that are exceptionally well done and compare favorably with many premium level collector grade makers.

It looks like an extensive model list already under development here, I will add what I have. If it helps, great. If not, delete as appropriate.

It is worth noting Imperial and Road Champs sold rebadged Yatming castings, among others.

801 - 1982 Chevrolet Camaro
802 - Ferrari 328GTB
803 - 1982 Pontiac Firebird
804 - BMW 850i
805 - Toyota Celica
806 - Lexus LS400 / Toyota Celsior
807 - Mazda RX-7
808 - Nissan 240SX
809 - Chevrolet Corvette C4
810 - Chevy Lumina
811 - Porsche 911
812 - Mercedes Benz 500SL
813 - Chevrolet C10 Silverado Pickup
814 - Jeep CJ5
815 - Ford Sierra Sapphire
816 - Audi 80
817 - Lamborghini Miura
818 - 1992-1995 Honda Civic sedan
819 - 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix
820 - Mercedes Benz 380SEL
821 - Mercedes Benz 190E
822 - 1990 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup
823 - 1991 Chevrolet Caprice
824 - Volvo 850 Wagon
825 - Toyota RAV4
826 - Toyota Previa
827 - 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Police
828 - 1993 Chevrolet Camaro
828 - 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Police with light bar
829 - 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan
830 - ?
831 - ?
832 - ?
833 - ?
834 - 2003 Pontiac Vibe
835 - BMW Z8
836 - Mercedes E-Class
837 - Mercedes SLK
838 - Generic tuner vaguely resembling 2001 Mitubishi Eclipse
839 - Generic Tuner resembling the Hot Wheels generic " '03" which in turn resembles an extensively modified late '80s/early '90s Honda Civic
840 - Ford Crown Victoria (same casting as #823 Chevy Caprice but with a Crown Victoria front/rear)
899 - Bedford CF Van

1001 - Lamborghini Miura
1002 - Chevrolet Racer (Corvette)
1003(a) - Chevrolet Astro 1 Corvette
1003(b) - Chevrolet Lumina (NASCAR)
1004 - Lamborghini Marzal
1005 - Adams Probe 16
1006 - Toyota 2000GT
1007 - Nissan Laurel 2000SGX
1008 - 1971 Ford Thunderbird
1009a - Volkswagen Beetle
1009b - Volkswagen Beetle
1010 - Jaguar E-Type 4.2
1011 - Mercedes Benz 350SL
1012 - Mercedes Benz 450SEL also #1061
1013 - Maserati Bora
1014 - Saab Sonnet
1015a - Mercury station wagon
1015b - Ford station wagon (Originally a Mercury Commuter, this casting was altered to have the #1008 Thunderbird hood and grill)
1016 - Porsche 911 Targa
1017 - BMW 2800
1018 - Opel Admiral
1019 - Porsche 917/30
1020 - Porsche 910
1021 - Hairy (copy of the Matchbox Hairy Hustler)
1022 - Chevron
1023 - Porsche 917
1024 - Boss Mustang (copy of the Matchbox 1972 Boss Mustang)
1025 - Ferrari BB512
1026 - 1980 Cadillac Seville
1027 - 1984 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX
1028 - 1979 Mustang Pace Car
1029 - BMW 320i Turbo Rally
1030 - 1980 Turbo Pontiac Trans Am
1031a - Dodge Monaco Police see also 1037
1031b - 1977 Dodge Monaco Police see also 1037
1032 - Chevy Citation X11
1033 - 1983 Ford Thunderbird stock car
1034 - Porsche 928
1035 - Audi Quattro Rally GR.4
1036 - 1982 Toyota Celica Supra (early issues are marked 'Celica Supper')
1037 - 1977 Dodge Monaco see also 1031
1038 - 1984 Chevrolet Corvette
1039 - 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
1040 - 1963 Chevrolet Corvette see also 1078
1041 - Jaguar XJS
1042 - 1974 Corvette also 1065
1043 - ?
1044 - ?
1045a - 1978 Chevrolet Corvette
1045b - 1978 Chevrolet Corvette
1046 - ?
1047 - ?
1048 - ?
1049 - ?
1050 - ?
1051 - Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
1052 - Lincoln Continental Mark IV
1053 - Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham copied or continued from Tomica F2-1
1054 - Dodge Coronet Custom
1055 - Toyota Crown
1056 - Dodge Aspen
1057 - Plymouth Duster
1058 - Volvo 244DL
1059a - Lamborghini Miura Jota
1059b - Lamborghini Miura Jota
1060 - 1977 Pontiac Trans Am
1061 - Mercedes 450SEL also #1012
1062 - Datsun 280Z-T
1063 - Citroën CX2200
1064 - Blazer
1065 - 1974 Corvette also 1042
1066 - Nissan Gloria
1067 - 1979 Ford Mustang Turbo
1068 - VW Scirocco
1069 - 1979 Mazda RX-7
1070 - 1964 Chevy Impala SS
1071 - 1976 Chevrolet Chevette
1072 - Honda Civic
1073a - 1966 Mustang
1073b - 1966 Mustang
1074 - 1966 Mailbu Street Rat
1075 - 1966 Ford Galaxie 500XL
1076 - Jaguar XJS
1077a - Camaro Z-28
1077b - Camaro Z-28
1078 - 1963 Corvette see also 1040
1079a - 1957 Corvette
1079b - 1957 Corvette
1079c - 1957 Corvette
1080 - 1978 Corvette
1081 - 1969 Dodge Charger
1082 - Toyota Celica see also 7114
1083 - ?
1084 - 1984 Corvette
1085 - 1982 Pontiac Firebird
1086 - 1982 Chevy Camaro
1087 - Mercedes Benz 500SEC
1088 - BMW 635CSI
1089 - Porsche 944
1090 - 1978 CHEVY Blazer 4X4
1091 - Chevy Flareside Pickup
1092 - Jeep CJ-5
1093 - 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
1094 - 1994 Porsche 911
1095 - Dodge Viper RT-10
1096 - Ferrari F50
1097 - 1997 Chevy Corvette
1098 - Porsche Boxster
1099 - Alfa Romeo Spider

1102 - Sherman M4A3 Tank
1112 - Dodge Power Wagon
1201 - Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan
1202 - Ferrari 355
1203 - BMW Z3
1204 - Mercedes-Benz SLK
1208 - New Mini
1209 - Dodge Magnum
1213 - Jaguar XK Coupe
1214 - Lexus IS250
1215 - TOYOTA bB
1216 - BMW 335i Coupe
1217 - Aston Martin DB9
1218 - Cadillac XLR-V
1219 - Camaro Concept
1220 - Shelby GT 500
1221 - Toyota MR2
1222 - Porsche Cayman S
1224 - Porsche 997 Turbo
1301 - "Honda" Formula Race Car
1302 - "Ferrari" Formula Race Car
1303 - "March" Formula Race Car
1304 - McLaren-Ford
1305 - Lotus JPS 72
1306 - Brabham BT44 #7
1307 - Lotus 72
1308 - Hesketh 308
1309 - Brabham BT44 #9
1310 - Ferrari 312 B3
1311 - Lola T370
1312 - BRM P201

1339 - Motorcycle

1362 - Ford D-Series
1363 - Furukawa Wheel Loader
1364 - Nippon Diesel Unic Truck Crane (copy of Tomica 66-2 Fuso Truck Crane)
1365 - Road Tough Earth Breaker - Bulldozer/Front End Loader
1366 - Forklift
1367 - Iron Fairy Crane (Matchbox copy)

1371 - Steam Shovel
1372 - Touring Bus


1381 - Tractor & Trailer
1382 - Tractor & Tank Trailer
1383 - Car & Boat Trailer
1384 - Tractor & Log Trailer
1385 - Delivery Truck & Long Trailer
1386 - House Trailer
1387 - Tractor & Sail Boat Trailer
1388 - Fire Engine & Rescue Boat Trailer
1389 - Tractor & Gondola Trailer
1390 - Farm Tractor & Trailer
1391 - ?
1392 - ?

1402 - Semi Tractor (uncertain model)
1405 - Kenworth W900
1406 - Ford CLT-9000
1408 - Mercedes-Benz NG 85

1501 - Ford Econoline Van
1502 - Ford School Bus
1503 - 8 Wheeled Tank
1504 - Military Vehicle
1505 - Military Vehicle
1506 - Military Vehicle
1507 - Military Vehicle
1508 - Military Vehicle
1509 - Military Vehicle
1601 - Chevy Stepside older issues have opening tailboard
1602 - Jeep CJ-7 opening doors
1603 - Jeep CJ-7 opening hood, revised casting of 1602
1607 - California Pickup Sneaky Pete
1608 - Jeep convertible
1700 - Chevrolet LUV Pickup

2301 - Commercial Truck
2302 - Commercial Truck
2303 - Commercial Truck
2304 - Commercial Truck
2305 - Commercial Truck
2306 - Commercial Truck
2307 - Commercial Truck
2308 - Commercial Truck
2309 - Commercial Truck
2310 - Commercial Truck
2304 - 1960s fire engine (not a generic, but unknown pending further research)

7114 - 1979 Toyota Celica XX (Celica Supra to most markets), see also: 1082
7116 - Nissan Silvia Hatchback 2000ZSE-X

8901 - 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible
8902 - 1953 Cadillac Series 62 convertible
8903 - 1950 Talbot Lago Record Type T26 cabriolet (NOTE: often mis-identified as a 1948 Lagonda 2.6 litre convertible)
8904 - 1950 Buick Roadmaster convertible
8911 - Ferrari Testarossa 512TR
8912 - Ford Granada MK II
8913 - Volvo 760GLE
8915 - Mercedes-Benz

64040 - '63 1/2 Ford Falcon
64038 - '53 Packard Caribbean
64037 - '55 Packard Caribbean
64039 - '56 Continental Mk II

1/72 (OO) Scale:
Alfa Romeo 166GTA
Audi RS6
BMW Mini Cooper S
Chevrolet Corvette C6
Chevrolet SSR
Dodge Magnum R/T
Dodge Viper SRT-10
Ford GT40
Ford Mustang GT
Jaguar S-Type R
Jaguar X-Type
Lexus SC430
Nissan 350Z
Opel Speedster
Porsche 911 Turbo
Volkswagen W12 Nardo


Trade names Yatming was sold under:

Earth Movers
Road Machines
Road Signature
Shyne Rods
Traffic Stoppers
Task Masters
Wheels of Power

Particular thanks to Pegers / Dan M for tirelessly seeking variants of the different models

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I went back and starting linking post threads to the model casting listings and series editions. Cross referenced the comprehensive listing posted by @juantoo3 in his post and updated the information provided by him on the 64000 series listings.

In updating more listings I am finding a few castings issued under different series names and some in different paint variations. Anyone who can verify or provide more infomation on other variations and series issues - please let us know of them and we can update the listings as we move along.


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I went back and starting linking post threads to the model casting listings and series editions. Cross referenced the comprehensive listing posted by @juantoo3 in his post and updated the information provided by him on the 64000 series listings.

In updating more listings I am finding a few castings issued under different series names and some in different paint variations. Anyone who can verify or provide more infomation on other variations and series issues - please let us know of them and we can update the listings as we move along.

The casting list we developed over at SG is supported by a LOT of effort by Pegers to ID a lot of the models, including (especially!) the "a,b,c" variants which he was able to show are distinct tooling modifications. Time is the big hurdle at the moment, and moving the lists first is the priority in my mind. And Peger's images are not mine, and I am not comfortable transferring images that are not mine, so I will leave to him and others to populate the individual casting threads. I will supply what I have, but I think all my Yatmings combined would probably fill a 48 space jammer if I double stacked, so maybe 100 models total...with duplicates and variants that isn't as many as it sounds. But it will take time, and in the meantime it is just as well if others wish to contribute.

I do want to start another thread, perhaps closer to the master maker list, about scale. You have some good points in the post above and I think it is a subject that deserves some elaboration. I will be away for about 10 days starting Sunday, so if I disappear for a bit, don't be alarmed unless it is for more than two weeks.

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IIRC @Pegers has noted to me that his a, b, c, d, etc casting designations referenced when that particular car had came into his own collection. And while it does indicate a distinctly different casting variation, that system also includes paint variations, tampo design changes and/or wheel changes along with primarily base tooling variations as you note above.

I had ideally hoped that he had aleady been able to determine which casting version had come first and then next, but that wasnt the case according to him.

I am noting - where known - the color and base material for each casting presently. And plan to go back and reference castings already shown here at HobbyTalk.

Perhaps one day when we figure out the production order over time for Yatming we can go back and set up a system like Matchbox has for their Series releases with an a, b, c, etc designations in release order. It seems an impossible task at first, but is accomplishable thru a group effort and support.

Metal vs plastic bases. And then the lessening of base information seemed to be logical delination points. But, I am already seeing bare metal bases being shown. And know the last issues of their 1:72 castings contain more information than ever before. So we have to remain flexible.

We have a diecast by scale section where an elaboration on scale might fit to the overall diecast community. But, if you want to focus just on the small scale diecast that would be better fit here.

Enjoy your vacation. Do you have plans to search for @69ch's hidden diecasts along the way?

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Most of Eric's hidden diecast I am aware of are in the Florida Keys and Alaska...I'm going to St Louis, so I don't think I will be anywhere near any of them... ;)

My idea for the elaboration would be general, but because my personal focus is on 1/64 that, from my point of view, would be the focus. Basically I wanted to expand on your notion that "1/64" doesn't necessarily mean true 1/64, that "fits the package" can range from 1/72 to 1/50 for automobiles and trucks can get even smaller. I wanted to expand on the point that model makers do take some liberties, some are well known, most go unnoticed. Scale includes length, width and height and wheelbase, all of which can and often are "adjusted" to make them more appealing to the eye. So hypothetically a car could be 1/59 overall, 1/62 width, 1/60 wheelbase and 1/58 height...just to make it "look right." These tricks of the trade are not exclusive to 1/64, I have heard of examples in Corgi and Dinky (1/36 and 1/43 respectively).

Pegers true calling is as a variation expert. I am not privy to your conversation with him, but I do know that on the models he collects (primarily blue card era Hot Wheels up to about 2006 and Yatming) he is a master at sorting minor variations. I do OK with obvious variants, he is able to pick out some really subtle details that I very often have overlooked...which gets me second guessing what I've got. He does that to me regularly, he is responsible for making me aware of a good many variants I did not know to look for.

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I seperated the individual casting lists by #####s into new threads to facilitate review and updates. All the related posts to each series followed that range of #####s to the new threads.

I also seperated @juantoo3s list by brand and maker into a new thread as well.

@juantoo3 do you want to copy your list by ####s to the same related ####s threads and edit them down to those ####s or just leave it here as one post? If you want me to do it instead - just let me know.

I believe I have also found a new casting listings site during todays research process which may fill in the number gaps present in all the brand casting threads. Maybe later today or next week, I have a lot of other tasks to keep up with first.


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These castings are included, but not catalogued at Toys from the Past as vetted. I do recognize some of the model names and type of castings as denoted though.

XXXX Jeep CJ-7, opening doors
XXXX Bernard Transport Truck
XXXX Formula 1 Racing Car
XXXX 1977-78 Pontiac Firebird, pull-back
XXXX 1970's Chevrolet Camaro Z-28, pull-back
XXXX Alfa Romeo 156
XXXX Audi RS4 Avant
XXXX BMW M3 Convertible
XXXX Jaguar X Type
XXXX Tractor With Scoop

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This afternoon I came back around to the Yat Ming history thread. There were a 1/2 dozen or so additional brand associations left to be vetted and cross referenced. It also needed reformating to match the history thread structure adapted along the way in creating these historys.

As before, if - only - one association to - only - Yat Ming was found - then that brand and its function in the diecast history story is include here in this threads OP post and the Master List links for them will bring you back to this history.

If; however, the associated brand worked with two or more other brands, distributors or product types - a seperate history thread was made for them and is include in the closest brand association sub forum for them, but linked from their own brand name in the Master List to that subforum.

And rather than repeatedly including them under each associated brand they are moved to their own letter listing by name with the brand association and links established in each history thread and not within the Master List itself.


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Quote - "Yat Ming is also noted to have had an association to Norev, but it is unclear by the references made if they made castings for Norev or if they also had their own casting made by the same Hong Kong factories (?)."

I have two..maybe three? Yatming castings which have 'Norev' imprinted on their metal bases. From what I can remember, a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer & a military truck.

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Be interesting to see those when you get a chance to upload them. If I am following the references correctly these were castings made for Norev and distributed as a Norev product correct? Not in a Yatming package, I mean.


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I had one more reference for Embassy International to close up. Doing a web search I was able to find carded examples with Yat Ming castings inside. The card front notes they were a distributor based in Cincinnati Ohio.
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