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Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) - Won't Start

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I have a Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) that won't start. I have confirmed that I have spark as the engine will fire briefly if you spray a little starting fluid in the carb. I have also replaced the sparkplug to no avail... I have confirmed that I am getting gas to the carb from the tank. I removed the bowl from the bottom of the carb and sprayed the heck out of the carb (inside and out).

I suspect that the carb needs further attention (rebuilt because of varnish?), but I could use a little guidance to confirm my suspicion and how to proceed. I am reasonably mechanically inclined but I have never rebuilt a carb.


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I'd ask him why he didn't tell me before the sun came out. Now my engines all wet. ROFLMAO
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