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Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) - Won't Start

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I have a Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) that won't start. I have confirmed that I have spark as the engine will fire briefly if you spray a little starting fluid in the carb. I have also replaced the sparkplug to no avail... I have confirmed that I am getting gas to the carb from the tank. I removed the bowl from the bottom of the carb and sprayed the heck out of the carb (inside and out).

I suspect that the carb needs further attention (rebuilt because of varnish?), but I could use a little guidance to confirm my suspicion and how to proceed. I am reasonably mechanically inclined but I have never rebuilt a carb.


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I will guess this is a Tecumseh engine
According to the MTD site this is the engine it should have:

B&S 3.5 HP (93412-0169-01)

For the most part your instructions should still work.
On your carburetor as opposed to the one in geo's description. The bowl nut will have only one hole directly on top and two openings on either side near the bottom.
First... Thank you to everyone for your help and suggestions.

The bowl nut is as 30yearTech described. All 3 holes were clear. In regards to gas flow: I do have gas to the bowl. The gas flows when the float is down and stops when it it is raised.

Bassed on the info provided so far, it appears that teh carb needs to be rebuilt. I have never rebuilt a carb. Is it difficult? Where would I obtain a rebuild kit? The local Ace Hardware where they do similar repairs?

How sensitive are the settings/positions of the 2 screws on the side of the carb. The one near the top appears to be a throttle stop, and I am assuming that the other affects the flow of gas into or through the carb.

I don't know if ACE handles these parts or not. You should be able to find one at most any mower shop, very common part Briggs # 498260.

The screw on the top is the idle stop screw, does not affect running, just idle speed. The one on the side, would be the low speed circuit adjustment and can affect the running somewhat, it will not prevent the engine from starting and running, but if not adjusted properly, can cause the engine to run rough and or surge. Initial setting I use is 1 1/2 turns from seat (closed) position.
I'd ask him why he didn't tell me before the sun came out. Now my engines all wet. ROFLMAO

Well, it's because it really was just a drizzle...:p
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