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Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) - Won't Start

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I have a Yardman 3.5 HP Edger (256-599-401) that won't start. I have confirmed that I have spark as the engine will fire briefly if you spray a little starting fluid in the carb. I have also replaced the sparkplug to no avail... I have confirmed that I am getting gas to the carb from the tank. I removed the bowl from the bottom of the carb and sprayed the heck out of the carb (inside and out).

I suspect that the carb needs further attention (rebuilt because of varnish?), but I could use a little guidance to confirm my suspicion and how to proceed. I am reasonably mechanically inclined but I have never rebuilt a carb.


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I will guess this is a Tecumseh engine and you have spark so here we go;
Clamp off the fuel line, remove the carb bowl, release the clamp to see if you have good fuel flow to the carb, raise the float to see that it shuts off the flow with minimal pressure, clean the junk from the bowl, clean the bowl nut, 2 holes close to the bottom and a tiny one about midway up(I usually use the wire from a twist tie), spray all holes, cracks and crevases with brake parts cleaner, reassemble and you should be good to go. If this didn't work it will be probably be necessary to rebuild the carb. If I missed something one of the real mechanics will post to help further. Refer to the photo below for reference only. Have a good one . Geo
As I stated in my post.
"If I missed something one of the real mechanics will post to help further."

If I was standing in the sun and 30yr told me it was raining, I would grab an umbrella (lol). Have a good one. Geo
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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