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With the Buck Rogers Starfighter drawings nearing completion, I have chosen the Y-Wing as my next project. It has been 28 year since Star Wars came out and I have wanted a decent set of drawings for nearly as long. I have collected all the references I can find so far on the internet and in print and have complied a list, see below.

I am looking for any information or pictures of the studio scale Y-Wing that you might be willing to share with me for use in this project. Also please post any Y-Wing references that I might have missed. Once complete I will be posting the drawings on my site, for free download as I have done with the other projects.

You can check out the draft Starfighter drawings here:


They were done from a casting of the studio model.

Here are the rest of my drawings:


Thank you,

Alan Sinclair
[email protected]

1. Star Wars Visual Dictionary by David West Reynolds

2. Star Wars Chronicles by Deborah Fine, Aeon Inc.

3. Star Wars Technical Journal by Shane Johnson (soft cover 3 volume version)

4. Star Wars Cross-Sections by David West Reynolds

5. The Art of Star Wars : A New Hope (The Art of Star Wars Series , No 4)
by Carol Titelman (Editor), George Star Wars Lucas (Editor)

6. The Art of the Empire Strikes Back (The Art of Star Wars Series , No 5)
by Deborah Call (Editor), Vic Bulluck, Valerie Hoffman, Mark Cotta Vaz

7. The Art of Star Wars : Return of the Jedi/Episode VI (Classic Star Wars)
by Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas

8. From Star Wars to Indiana Jones : The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives
by Mark Cotta Vaz, Shinji Hata

9. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back: Poster Book #3

10. Famous Spaceships of Fact and Fantasy …And how to model them
1979 Kalmbach Publishing Co. Ed. By Harold A. Edmonson

11. Famous Spaceships of Fact and Fantasy 2nd Edition
1996 Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Web Pages




http://rpf.prop-planet.com/ Studio Scale Modeling - Y-Wing Building











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Both the B-Wing and the Falcon are on my list to do. I have over 850 pictures of the various Falcons so far and I have the elusive Entex 1/8 scale Porsche kit sitting in the garage, so at least those parts will be drawn right.

The Enterprise drawings were fun to do, I met so many great people. And I am very happy that they were so well received.


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Wizardofflight said:
Thanks for the encouragement.

Though, I am beginning to think that no one is interested in the Y-Wing. I plan to produce a set of drawings that someone could easily use to scratch build there own version.
Don't be discouraged, people probably just don't have any good reference material to offer. I've always wanted a good Y-Wing and missed that great kit John P got. This would be great.

I've never done scratchbuilding before, and that Warhawk on your site has me tempted to finally try.

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I am looking for a couple of dimensions (dia & length) of the Saturn V rocket sections used for the nacelles. What I have been told is 2.5” dia and a length of 6.5”, but from my photo analysis I have come up with 2 7/8” Dia (at the smooth section) and 7” long.

Anybody got one they can measure?


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