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Here's what I did with one of my XT McClarens:

Here's a pic of the car on track:

First, I filled in the mounting notches with JB Weld.

I was thinking of just cutting above the notch, break the piece off, then reattach it to where the old notch was, creating a new higher notch....But I saw I had no blades, so I did it this way. If you look closely, you can see the dark filled patches. I use little strips of scotch tape to make a mold to fill in the notches (check the bottom of the pic to see the tape).
I also had to dremel of the area where those pipes sit (behind the driver), until it was level with the rest of the body. The pipes still stayed in place, but they're a little loose.....It will need another drop of superglue to fasten them.

After it cured, I just cut out some new notches, Just higher than the original, and here's how it sits now:

One side of the new notches fell out (drag...), but it still holds securely.

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Hello dlw-

I really like what you and VJ did with these cars-

Although I’m still partial to the originals, these look so much better with the ‘tweaking” you’ve done- :)

Out of the box they look ridiculous, and a joke—a disservice to the original 1/1 car- :drunk: :cry:

You fixed that! :thumbsup:

Now, you need to do the other “high-jackers” as well!

Good job!

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