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Xray have continued to release more information on their all new T4 190mm touring car platform ahead of its release. Currently in action at the Xray Asia Challenge race in Bangkok, Thailand the car is completely new with the most noticeable difference being the lower shock towers and super low profile shock absorbers and tweak free servo mount. Xray have released a complete list of changes for the new car which you can see below with further details expected in the coming days.

T4 all-new features:
- All-new T4 platform
- All-new chassis design
- All-new top deck
- All-new super low shock towers
- All-new Super Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks
- All-new Super Short Shock Springs (4S)
- All-new redesigned and reengineered bulkheads
- All-new unique super low profile tweak-free motor mount
- All-new upper bulkhead clamps
- All-new updated alu lower suspension holder
- All-new steering system
- All-new tweak-free servo mount
- All-new servo saver
- All-new anti-roll bars
- All-new rear uprights
- All-new composite hubs for bulkheads
- All-new low profile foam bumper
- All-new front lower bumper mounts
- Improved chassis flex
- Increased traction
- Improved steering characteristics
- Improved weight balance
- Improved CG

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

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