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ok i am selling my xbox trying to get a 360 instead here is some info about it i have well over 1000.00 invested in this it is referbished and sometimes has trouble reading disks. all you have to do is open it up and clean the reader. i am not a very handy man and did not want to do this so decided to sell it instead. it would be very easy to fix and then would work like new i believe the website that tells you how to do it is just xbox.com
also included in this package is 5 remotes 3 of them are the smaller wired controlers another one is the big controler that has the wires and finally the last one is a wireless one that takes AAA batteries. also i will include the dvd adaptor and the remote so you can play any dvd you please through you xbox. the system will come with power cords and in the original box. I also have 12 games that i will include and they are
dead or alive 3
dark alliance II VERY rare
mike tyson heavy weight boxing
rapal pro fishing
project gotham racing
madden 06
greg hastings' tournament paintball
NHL 03
SEALED cabelas deer hunter 04 season
FIFA soccor 03
NFL fever 02
all are great games i would like to trade for a new system like a 360 or something and will sell out right as well to the best offer so shoot me those offers and enjoy this nice xbox.
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