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ww2 ship help

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My grandfather served in the Royal Canadian Navy on the HMCS Sussexvale K683 in WW2. I was hoping to build a model of her for him. So far I havent found one available. Does anybody know if there is a model available of this River Class frigate? I dont know anything about Naval ships so I dont really know what Im looking for other than what Ive learned googling his ship.
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As far as I know there are no mainstream Kits of a River Class Frigate. Your best bet for a kit maybe someone like Whit Ensign or a Resin Manufacturer. Hope this helps. I hope this link gives you some inspiration.....Cheers Mark


If you look under Exhibitions and then Ships, you will find some details of the last surviving and preserved River Class Frigate in the World.
No there is a plastic kit by Foresight coming out. You get two in a box. In 1/700 they will be pretty small but its a start.

These guys specialize in Canadian Naval Ship Models... saw them at a show near Toronto last year.

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