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I just bought a new Abit KN9 SLI mobo for my pc (no longer for sale...)

So I need:
AMD Processor: 3800 or above, must be dual core.
DDR2: 4x sticks of 512mb
Video: nVidia preferred latest of series. (ex, 6800, 7800, 7900). Must be SLI enabled
Sound: Soundblaster, any modern card will do, as long as it's better than integrated....

Trades include:
CPU: Athlon 64 bit 3300+
DDR: 1 stick of Elixir 1gb, 1 stick of 512mb, and 1 stick of 256mb
Video: FX 5500 O.C. 256mb, BFG 6200
Mobo: MSI K8N Neo-V, and MSI K8N Platinum
PSU: 350w
HDD: Western Digital Caviar 4GB, Quantum Bigfoot TX 3.8GB
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