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I've been saving this for awhile, but now I want to see if there's any interest for this slot car. I would like to trade this WT XT Cuda(Mint in Mint box, just has the price sticker still on, never been opened) for one of the following WL's:

CG 15 '73 Firebird (really, really, really want this one BAD!)
50th Corvette R3 '96 Grand Sport
50th Corvette R3 '99 Coupe
50th Corvette R3 '66 Coupe

*****these can be on bad cards*****
I may be interested in other offers, but I really would like those mentioned above.
If no one is interested in the Cuda, I've decided I'm just gonna rip it open and run it.

PM me or post here with offers.
Thanks! :wave:
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