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AND did John Force intentionally let teammate, Robert Hight, win by leaving very late on the light and also veering toward the wall so that he had three cars in the final countdown and as it turned out, two of his cars in the finals?!!
AND way back before anyone mainstream ever heard about "The Call" from NAsCAR, Tim Richmond explained it to one of my relatives who was his good friend. He also won a race, that someone else had gotten "The Call" for and from then on, NA$CAR started "putting the screws" to him.
It's entertainment and it all about the money. Lots of it!
SO, did the crash "Fix" the race or did it influence the results? I didn't see it, just read some.
AND what about all those cautions for debris????????(NA$CAR)
Team orders go way back in F1 when at least you never heard it in other forms of racing.
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