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I don't know if you all follow F1 as closely as I do, but there is some shocking news regarding last year's World Drivers Championship battle. What follows is trully unbeleivable to me:

From AutoRacing1.com:
Media says Renault admit to race-fixing (GMM) The media read between the lines of Renault's short media statement issued on Wednesday.

Announcing that the bosses Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds "have left the team", Renault said it "will not dispute" allegations they conspired with Nelson Piquet to rig the outcome of the 2008 Singapore grand prix by faking an accident.

The German press agency DPA said the team had "effectively admitted to race-fixing" ahead of the September 21 hearing of the World Motor Sport Council.

There, in Paris, the Council has the power to impose a range of penalties, including the team's lifetime disqualification.

"Renault will almost certainly plead for clemency ... as they will claim the actions of two men should not affect the employment of nearly 700 other staff within the team," said the Daily Telegraph.

The Times of London agreed: "(The) governing body is likely to accept that, by admitting its guilt and by removing the conspirators, Renault has gone a long way to clearing this matter up."

The Telegraph said it "unclear whether the pair have fallen on their swords or been pushed" by the French carmaker parent, Renault SA.

Ed Gorman, writing for The Times, made the same conclusion about Renault's guilt, explaining that Wednesday's events had turned "one of the worst examples of pre-meditated cheating in the history of professional sport ... from ... lurid allegations to fact".

Even the wire services made no bones about interpreting Renault's statement. Reuters said "Renault admit race-fixing charge", AFP said the team "partly admit some role in the controversy", while PA said Briatore and Symonds have "fallen on their sword".

There are also other ramifications to consider, such as Briatore's co-ownership with Bernie Ecclestone of the London football club Queens Park Rangers, and - depending on the carmaker's reaction or the WMSC sanction - Renault's significant role in GP2 and other motor racing categories.

Former team boss and owner Eddie Jordan told the BBC: "Will the FA (Football Association) allow him (Briatore) to continue to run a club?"

"As a normal person on the street I think this is a clear-cut admission and I am surprised," he added, explaining that after decades in motor racing, he "can't comprehend" ordering a driver to crash.

With this devlopment, the true world champion is clearly Felipe Massa, who is recovering from a head injury, and would have won the race in question. This would have given him a 7 point lead at the end of the season.
Now I know we can't rewrite history, but it does place an asterisk (sp) after the Hamilton placement in the books.

All I know for shure is there will be the party to end all parties in Rio if Rubens wins the title this year. And he's comin' on!

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AND did John Force intentionally let teammate, Robert Hight, win by leaving very late on the light and also veering toward the wall so that he had three cars in the final countdown and as it turned out, two of his cars in the finals?!!
AND way back before anyone mainstream ever heard about "The Call" from NAsCAR, Tim Richmond explained it to one of my relatives who was his good friend. He also won a race, that someone else had gotten "The Call" for and from then on, NA started "putting the screws" to him.
It's entertainment and it all about the money. Lots of it!
SO, did the crash "Fix" the race or did it influence the results? I didn't see it, just read some.
AND what about all those cautions for debris????????(NA)
Team orders go way back in F1 when at least you never heard it in other forms of racing.

I've never been freinds with Tim Richmond, so I don't know about NASFARCE. I would wonder why this info didn't make it into a tell all book regarding the fixing of american racing.
John Force DEFINETLY has a credibility problem after Indy. But he didn't wreck infront of many competitors, on a street circut, at night.

The point is that this was admitted to in a court of law (so to speek).
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