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Worst wreck

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What is the worst wreck youve seen in rc racing?
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Big John Zubak at the old SNOWBIRDS concrete track maybe someone can download the picture of the car ...It caught on fire ....SRM
Mine...at this years carpet nationals....B Main...19T...going for the lead...took lead and slammed .....New KSG...Broke the chassis....Bumper..Bent RR Hub....Speed control........body.... front body mounts.....sheared Brand New Finish line steel t-plate in half....bent both side shock shafts....chuncked new white rear tires.....Spur gear....
bent aluminum crossbrace.....
Not the worst but the coolest for me was practicing with a custom works sprint car at the DE Championship race in Seaford and climbed the wall on the dogleg and it just launched right over the wall and about 15' into the woods.....Rob Cutman and myself couldn't stop laughing...
I witnessed Bud's accident, i think i saw more of it than he did lol... I certainly heard it! It was pretty bad, the car was picked up by a corner marshall, and the rear end was totally off the car aside from the shocks holding it on.

I also heard a comment from a few audience members that it was the worst one they had seen in years...

At the past Winter Blast, i was passing somebody, and i got spunout and went right up the banking and the bumper went THROUGH the wall and it took the corner marshall over 10 laps to get it out, about a full minute of tugging on this thing lol... NO DAMAGE!
I believe the 02 Norrca nats at BMS. Steve Rule with the Nitro car hitting the wall out of turn two. Had to use a bucket to get the parts. The car even went airborne about 20 feet.
Well, mine wasn't super severe or anything, but it's every racer's nightmare! I was at a Napanee/Cornwall RC race, and my car rolled over. The corner marshall picked it up, then put it back on the track. I was then nailed by another car when he put my car on the track and as he went to fix my car once again, he tripped and stepped on my car. Basically messed everything up!

Justin #29
Indy Velo..... Monte and someone else made contact total distruction.....
Also Indy Velo, a few years ago, Paul Schwambeck driving Mike Bitters car hit the turn 1 wall head on. it knocked the body clean off of the car, along with everything in front of the center shock. It looked like the body jumped off the car at the last second to avoid the hit. lol
My first year racing nitro pan. I got rear-ended then punted over the backstretch wall at Spring Cove during a Roar event. Several pieces to be picked up. Not pretty. I did recover after a couple days in the trailer. :)
At the end of the backstretch at Chatham first of the season, Got tangled with anotheer car and went end over end, bounced off the wall and landed on hood of Kevin Andrews Dodge truck. Couldnt quite stick the landing on the hood though.
worst wreck i had was at spring cove in the early 90 they have a metal coke sign about five foot higher than back straight wall i hit 2 cars went airborn and hit pipe holding sign about three feet up needless to say the chassis being broke in two places was minor batteries shorted and we thought we were going to have to call fire department we just put it in a bucket and brought it home but you could stick a fork in it because it was done nothing salvagable
...it was either one of the R/C Thunderdromes or NORRCA's Winterfest on the Dominguez Hills Velodrome. I believe it was Gary Hamilton's INSANE SPEED car.

Close to 90 mph, out of control and 90 to ZERO at the strike of a fence post...(The guts kept going...) I don't think ANYTHING including the Transponder survived that mess...
King Super Speedway, middle of the long backstretch, turnmarshall walked out in the middle.......I hit him full bore, SWACKED EVERYTHING OFF THE CHASSIS!!!!!!!!! UGLY BIG TIME. The car was junk the rest of the weekend.
The worst wreck that I ever saw involved no broken parts. Several years ago I was at the Brian Galt Charity race in South Dakota. We had been telling people to stay back away from the side of the track.During the pro mod buggy race, Sunday morning Greg Hodap and another Pro (forget who now) touch and got crossed up going over a double jump and one hit a little girl (maybe 4 or 5) square in the chest, lifted her up off the ground and landed 3 feet away from track side. Her parents were nowhere to be found. I don't think it hurt her to bad, maybe a big bruse, but it had to scare the crap out her and all of us.

At the last Velo race I had my Indy screaming. While flying down the backstretch another car spun in 3 and was at the bottom of the racing line. The announcer had said I was on a record pace, so I was hugging the bottom trying to be real greedy with the lap times. I sailed into 3 and T-boned the stopped car full on. It only broke the lower left A arm on my car. His was done for the day.
At a practice day there also, I was trying the Indy as 4-cell mod with a 9 quad. After 2 laps of slowly getting her up to speed, down the front stretch I decided to open her up. A "friend" in the pits not knowing we were on the same frequency turned his radio on. I sailed into 1 at full song with no steering and the throttle wide open, climbed up the turn 1 wall, rear tires flying off the car, went out of the track, landed 50' outside the track with the throttle still wide open. Rear pod assembly, tires, axle all destroyed. But I have to say after these 2 very bad accidents, the chassis has held up 100%.
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This is Probably the worst I have witnessed:

Classic Hobbies jusr repaved its asphalt track last summer. Ed Ellis was the first on the track that evening. He was standing in the infield driving his 19T KSG. The car went through the turn so quick he couldnt turn around fast enough to see it coming out of turn 2. Dead straight into a concrete wall.

Put it this way, broken chassis, bumper broke in numerous places, sheered the Aluminum cross brace in half. Moved the motor back about a 1/2", electronics were dangling from the car, Keyence speedo case went flying, body was off.
Ugly sight.
2,both at the concrete snowbirds,don't remember the driver,someone went out of the track in turns 3-4,hit someone's hi-iq in the pits and fried it,also i think it was boylan hit the pipe in 1-2,got airborne and got up into the beams.also richie king had a big wreck somewhere,knocked the body off and picked the rest of it up in a bucket.
1) 1st carpet oval nationals in 1994. Mod A-main, nasty wreck with Todd Putnam, Shane Kocher, and the majority of the field. Equipment everywhere....

2) Arnie Fie at the 2003 Snowbirds in the 6-cell mod A-main. His car took flight, left the track, hit the wall and came crashing down in front of the lead pack. One of the coolest things that I've ever seen.
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