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Well guys track is done and racing started last week. Mark, Dwight and myself ran some Mod and track is pretty neat. It has some ripples around it but had alot of bite for the first week and the turnout. Dwight checked the runline and it is around 151ft.

Racing will be Sundays with doors opening at 11:00am with racing at 2:00. Three qualifiers and a main. Things will finish up around 6:00pm. Come on out and checkit out.
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hey john where is this place.phone#,web site?????.very interested,raced at ultra last year a few times. i live in columbus.

I am not John but I think I can answer your question. Go to www.theworldofhobbies.com. Not a lot of info on their but it does have directions and #'s. It is really easy to find. It is in the same building as the micro center that you can see right off 275. Come down 71 take 275 west about 5 miles and take the mostetler exit. When you come off the exit go straight through the traffic light into their parking lot. If you miss the mostetler exit the next exit is 75.
Shane Mugavin and John Foister... JFC I have not heard those names in better than 13 YEARS..

Is there and actual hobby shop there or Just a track... My stuff is waayy outdated. I would have to start out from scratch but would be willing to do so to get this thing Going..

Shane what is going on.. I have not talked to you in ages..
I would pay to see that.

Hey I sent you an e-mail. Didn't want to give you the wrong idea I am not back into it. I just want to see this new shop do well and I still love this hobby. Just think of all the (extra)trouble we would of got into when we were younger if we didn't have the racing to do. I hope this place is still here when my kids get older so if i can help promote this place or the hobby I will. Seriously let me know if you get back into I definately don't want to miss that. Maybe we could get Brian, Tommy, Kevin, Bobby and others back out and have vintage racing lol. It would take years just to track everybody down. cya and stay in touch.
I have not seen anyone EXCEPT Kevin in years... Kevin and I both race drag cars... He is actually FORD now...LOL He was the most die hard chevy guy Id ever met..Now he says he would never race anything but ford...LOL

My e-mail is practically dead from power outages here today..

I think even with the track we still go into enough trouble.. How many tickets did you get in loveland on garbage nite thanks to castle skateland undercover diplomats with yogurt...LOL
Racing has changed times. It's now saturday night starting at 5:00
The big bump is gone now. The track seems a lot more friendly and fun for the racers.
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