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Anybody gonna make it? I got the flyer yesterday.

19 miles of 2-3 lane cruising

30,000 participating cars

1.5 million spectators

http://www.woodwarddreamcruise.com/2004/ Thanks, Shane!!!!

Gonna have to miss it, but WOW!!!:eek:

Buddy of mine and I took our cars (76 T/A and 77 Can Am) over to Woodward one weekend in 79 just for fun.... holy crap!!! It was a gearhead's wet dream...........

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I live about twenty minutes away from all this action and after 10 years it really gets rather boring. NOT!!! Best damn cruising in the country!!
Officially the event starts on Saturday but believe me it actually starts around Wednesday night! If you are anywhere near Detroit and love cars you really MUST attend this cruise. You won't want to leave!

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I would be nice to take a summer off some year and hit all these things, Dream Cruise, R & Cs Americruise, Hot Rods Power Tour, All the GoodGuys and NSRA meets, Kustom Kemps Of Americas Nats, and 100s more, Ill keep buying Lotto tickets I guess!
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