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Anyone know of a good price guide or any info on these? I have what I think is probably a one of a kind Wooden Ooden.

My step-mother worked with Bo Coble and designed the box that Wooden Oodens were packaged in. When I was younger I was a big Richard Petty fan, so she got me a Petty Wooden Ooden as a gift. Before she had it shrink-wrapped, she had a friend take the box to a race and Petty signed the autograph area on the back. She then had the car shrink-wrapped and gave it to me.

I'm not sure that I want to sell it, because it was a gift, but it's one of those kinds of things where I'd like to know roughly what it's worth.

I also have a ton of other Nascar stuff from years ago, most of it Richard Petty related (even a working Petty racecar telephone). A couple Earnhardt Sr. things as well.

Thanks for any help or advice.
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