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The 2019 WonderFest Model Contest Online Entry System is now open! Modeller's can start entering their contest entries in preparation for this year's amazing model contest. Will we reach 800 entries? Only time will tell, but you've got six weeks to help make that happen!

The app has been updated to make it even easier & more intuitive to use - have a look at this short demo to see:

https://www.wonderfest.com/contest/...odel Contest - Creating your Entry Online.mp4

What's New for 2019

  • Enhanced form design/layout

  • Type-ahead/searchable category control(with category description)
  • "Title or name of entry" can hold up to 256 characters (all will be displayed on the resulting PDF entry form)
  • Enter as many details of your build-up as you like in the "Remarks" field - it can now hold up to 1,024 characters (again, all shown on your entry form)

  • Animated GIF shown when generating entry/PDF (so you know stuff is happening!)

  • Edit and Delete: change some details of your entry, or discard it altogether

  • Printing is easy-peasy via PDF; this ensures the entry form prints out in the required dimensions and orientation (note that EACH entry form requires 3 copies: one for the Contest Admins, one to stay with the model on the table and one for the modeller. Watermarks ("Copy #1", "Copy #2") have been added to make that more clear. In addition, the printout has been enhanced to allow showing all text entered in the model name & remarks fields.

To create a contest entry:

  • Fill out your personal details and your model’s particulars (the Remarks field is optional but all others are required)
  • Submit the entry; on successful submission a copy of the completed forms will be emailed to you in PDF format. Note that the PDF generation can take roughly 10 seconds, so please be patient and don't click the browser's back button or refresh the page. Print out the PDF form(s) (full size; don't cut them up as the Admissions staff will do that) and bring them to the Admissions Desk/Box Office at the show for payment (only paid forms will be allowed to enter the contest room).

You don't need to create all your entries at once - you can come back and enter more models as needed!

Note: the traditional blank forms will still be available at the Registration Desk/Box Office as needed.

Good luck and happy modelling!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood WonderFest Contest Staff
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