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Hi all - i have allready posted this on my Facebook page, its a Chaney Wolfman wall hanger, im producing these for the sculptor who is the very talented Joe Hope, Mike Hill helped out on the head - and the likeness to chaney is great!....
the wall hanger measures 10inc x 9 inc x 4 inc, the main wolfman head is 7inc x 4inc and the three smaller heads 2.5inc x 2inc - the mold is getting made next week and first castings will be shipping the week after, i'm trying to keep the cost to a minimum, so it will be around $75 for the mount, shipping will be added when the first mount is boxed and fully packed, then i will get quote from post office...
if anyone is interested in this please PM me.. many thanks Ian.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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