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WM pricing Mistake I think I know what is going on

Ok i was at wallmart yesterday.
I found 3 of the gold series r3 limited cars in the clearance isle for $1.00
Took them to the register and they rang up at $13.76 they adjusted price to $1.00 and i checked out wow a little car for $13.76.

Here is what i figured out the $13.76 ring had description of MC12 and is The correct price and tag sku on the shelf for the 1/24 cars. MC r12 cars.

1:24 Musclecars - Rel. 12
’67 Shelby GT 500 - Black
’70 Dodge Challenger T/A -Rally Red w/Black Top
’70 Ford Torino Cobra - White

I'm sure Walmart will realize this mistake shortly and rectify it so get your 1/24 scale cars now they are marked down to $7.00 or less
The new package 1/24 releases are not supposed to be on markdown.
They have two spots on the shelf for the new toy planogram.

Most stores have 4 pegs waiting for new precision series.

Good luck
Happy Hunting
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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