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I am looking for the following WLs. I have White Lightnings, Treasure Hunts, Zamacs, RC Chase and Gold cars, and RCCA-Action cars available.

I also have an Auto World silver 1969 Hemi Charger White Lightning available.

Please email me at [email protected]

Thanks, Mike

WLs wanted-

Auto World General Lees
Any Cobras
Mooneyes Dragster
Mooneyes Pick Up
Any 202-04 Muscle Cars USA
Any original Frightning Lightnings, especially Series 4 Hearse and Ecto
Series 1 Surf Rods and Santa Monica Maniacs
Team Lightning Crash Viper

Street Freaks American Glorys
Rock Art Series
Hollywood on Wheels Mystery Machines and Herbie
Universal Monster Series Cobra

Coke Tin Series
2003 Coca Cola Christmas Series
Cat in the Hat Series
Mopar Rebel Rods

HOW General Lee
HOW Herbie
HOW Ecto
Hot Rod Magazine 1971 GTX
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