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Have for trade:
ser.435-03 Firebird '73 Formula SD455 (bronze w/white hubs/interior)
'72 Firebird (red w/white hubs/interior)
Some minor edge dings on cards. No creases. The cards say 1 of 10,000 so if the 1% WL holds true there are only 100 of these each.
Coca Cola Santa Series #9 1966 Dodge Charger (white hubs/interior)
HP Mopar Blue Superbird (WL on tires, white chassis)
ser. 2 '57 Nomad Thunderwagon (white tires, black with flames)

Looking for Fest Hurst Olds, Fest Yenko slot, Hot August Nights WL's (except Woody), or just make an offer. If I don't like your offer I will still respond to your email. Thanks. (If you don't hear back from me just email back, sometimes I overlook emails since we do receive a lot from other sources).
Also looking for '95 Toy Fair Cuda and Cougar Eliminator, Lexmark Camaro WL, and event WL's.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts