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I have these cars up for trade/sell before they go off to the bay. Looking for lots of different WLs in trade -- mostly pony or muscle with white rims. Mopar a plus, but give me a try.

WL Firebirds r1 '72 Firebird blue (RUBBER TIRES)
2004 Fest dinner Hurst Olds (#92; WL on driver's side tires)
2004 Fest dinner 'Cuda (#88)
2004 Fest 1:43 Halloween Drag-U-La (#46)
2004 Fest Pink Slip '62 Chevy Bel Air (#66)
WL Mopar/No Car r5 Challenger purple
WL Mopar/No Car r5 Cuda white
WL Surf Rods II '60 Ford Wagon
WL Coke/Santa Step Van
WL Hot Rod Magazine '33 Ford Delivery yellow
2004 Fest '69 Yenko Camaro slot car (x2)

2002 Fest Playing Mantis sample car (VW Type II pickup with redline B wheels)

Email questions/offers to [email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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