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I have lots of WLs to trade and Cash.Send your want list.You can email me at;[email protected] White Lightning Want List
423-00 Kiss 29 Model T
362-00 Hollywood on Wheels Nash Cuda
443-03 Street Freaks Red 65 Nova
104-01 Topper White Custom L with plain rims
352-01 Classic Custom Corvette 67 427 Vet,82 Vette & 95 Vette
411-04 Frightning Lightning Mysterion
411-04 Frightning Lightning Boothill
202-04 Muscle Car 68 Mustang
I have a new email address [email protected]
If you have any on my want list,send your want list,I probaly have what you need.Thanks. Neil in Iowa.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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