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Found this Dart early this week at a Wally's.

But last night I was out about 2:00 in the morning and stopped in at the same WL's hoping to score a new card WL. There was a guy in the diecast aisle going through all the pegs while on his cell phone, I heard him talking to someone about what to take. I noticed he went to another aisle, came back with a box and was stocking. Here's a Wally's employee on the clock pretending to work while pilfering stock. He did not have a Wally's vest on or any ID. He was stocking from a cart in the next aisle.

He took a great deal of interest in my searching a freshly pegged inner. There were 11 cars on the peg. In addition to that, there was thin packing paper between one of the cars, so I knew there were just put out.

I went to the next aisle hoping to see if he had put the JL in the cart. But it was covered up, so I couldn't see. Was number 12 a WL and did he take it?
Maybe, maybe not, but he sure was acting suspicious.
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