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i would like to see opening hoods and some nice motors.
i also would like to see some nice rims and meat on the rear tires.
and deffanatly get away from the blower on the hood.
what really atracts people to buy cars are.
rims and tires
and working options. or cool add ons such as wheelie bars. headers, you get the idea.
90% of the time if a company can get me to pick up a car off the j-peg i will buy it.
but distrabution to the stores is a must.
as far as card goodies.
well everyone will love figures. gas pumps. jacks. you get the idea where im going. people will buy just for the goodies. but you have to stay in scale
if you build it..thay will come!!! :wave:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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