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The Street Eater is one of two motorcycle castings introduced in the 1975 Flying Colors lineup. They were both designed by Larry Wood for Mattel. They also mark the first two motorcycle castings issued as Hot Wheels and were only produced for one year. (?) (Was one distributed be the other ? - most sites cite the Motorcross 1 as the 1st bike issued)

It was produced in Hong Kong and came with a grey/silver plastic pieces for the front fender and handle bar. The kick stand is a black plastic piece. A yellow plastic piece makes up the head lamp and housing, gas tank, seat and rear fender.

The Flying Tampo design consists of a black painted seat and red flames across the top of the gas tank.

The cast portion of the motorcycle includes the front brake, fork, frame, V-twin engine/exhaust, chain, rear shocks and brake. A glossy black wash is applied to bring out the casting details.

The wheel is a chrome spoked bike wheel fitted with a knobby (rubber?) off road tire.

A prototype model with clear (plastic?) tires is shown at the HWProto web site.

The carded reference image from The Elite Redline Guide (2010) for this casting shows it in yellow plastic and bare metal with motorcycle wheels on a white card back with 1975 red Hot Wheels lettering and blue Flying Colors lettering. A larger orange P-917 casting image followed by a smaller blue Heavy Chevy and then the Baja Bruiser in yellow behind them is the main graphics image.

Information resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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NCHWA Redline Central: 1975 Redline Price Guide
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