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The Sand Drifter is a reconfiguration of the 1970 Power Pad. Larry Wood is noted to have done this re tool design for Mattel. It no longer has the exposed transverse mounted engine in the front and the larger camper shell is not used anymore. The side mounted saddle fuel tanks are still present, the hood is now cast shut and a black plastic tonnue cover is used to cover the open truck bed with the previously used roll bar above the seats also deleted. New details of rope, medical equipment, and different tools are cast into the rear bed. The truck bed also has a closed tail gate cast in place vs the open (missing) rear area previously seen on the Power Pad. Introduced this year - it was not seen again during the Redline Era.

Produced in Hong Kong only it features a black interior piece that includes an open front window frame and the opening bed cover. A diamond shaped set of ridges is cast into the middle of the top side of the bed cover. It came in 3 different paint configurations. Yellow enamel paint is the most commonly found casting color with Lemon Yellow also noted as commonly found. The alternate color for this casting is light green.

The Flying Tampo design is an orange flame design trimmed in magenta (purple) over the hood.

The chassis is bare metal and along with the side fuel tanks can be seen at the center front and rear of the rolling casting. Crush tabs are added at each wheel position and the front crank case, transmission, drive shaft and front axles deleted. The information embossed in the base bottom is more centered now and moved forward towards the front wheels than reviously seen above and below the drive shaft. A new rear tab design is used at the rear of the chassis base. The rear axle and differential details are still present.

It is fitted with Type II Red Line wheel sets.

The carded reference image from The Elite Redline Guide for this casting shows it in light green enamel paint with RLs on a blue card back with 1976 red/orange/yellow tri-clored Flying Colors lettering and the P-917 flanked by the Super Van above and the Recue Duty below.

An orange painted prototype with the same design features as above is known.

An International - France only - casting distribution by Baffalie is also know in orange enamel paint with green BP shield logo from the era used as the hood Tampo.

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