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The Ranger Rig is a new issue for the 1975 Flying Colors line up designed by Larry Wood for Mattel. It uses the same body piece(s) as the Emergency Squad casting issued this year as well. Most sites attribute its overall design to be inspired by the Los Angeles County Fire Department Suad #51 used in the TV show Emergency of that era and repainted for other rescue unit designations.

Produced only in Hong Kong for one year. It was only issued in forest department dark green enamel paint. A brown interior, blue tinted windows and a chrome plated plastic base. Some sites note that smoke tinted windows were used instead or later in the production runs.

The Flying Tampo design used for this casting is also tailored to its forestry rescue duties assignments. A yellow US Department of Agriculture shield in yellow with Forest Services printed below it can be found on each door. Unit 71 and Tools are printed in yellow on the outer upper side doors of the utility truck bed design. A reminder to HELP PREVENT FOREST FIRES is printed in yellow below those boxes. The outlines of four additional compartment doors are debossed onto the truck bed below this reminder on each side of the casting.

The front grill, lights and bumper are also a part of the visible rolling chassis design elements. As are the side exhaust pipes. This is the same chassis base used on the Backwoods Bomb, Ramblin' Wrecker, Paramedic and Super Van. From a photo included at the Online Redline Guide site you can see of couse the side exhausts. And beside them are the bottoms of the twin saddle style fuel tanks and the drive shaft on the center line. The rear portion of each fuel tanks are also visible inside the rear wheel well front sides. Heavy duty trailing arms are visible next to the rear wheels. Crush tabs are found at each wheel location. There are two rivet holes and two openings for the straight axle RL Type II wheel set holdertabs.

The red (?) bed piece extends up into the roof light bar opening and back to the center portion of the truck bed as a fire hose reel and 3 up right canister details. The truck cab casting also has two work lights at each corner of the front roof.

Type II RL wheel sets are used front and back.

The carded reference image from The Elite Redline Guide for this casting shows it without a series # in green enamel paint with RLs on a blue card back with the 1977 yellow Flying Colors lettering and the P-917 flanked by the Super Van above and the Recue Duty below.

In 1985, it was released again as the Rescue Ranger. The Flying Tampo design elements were more ecologically oriented, but still Forest Service under he new Earth image with the door labels changed to SEEDS and TOOLS. It came with tan (white) Real Rider Wheels Sets. A tan (white) bed insert, black interior, blue plastic window piece and a chrome plastic base.

Through 2016, it has continued to be released in new configurations and colors. But, not as many as the Custom Camaro (or is it?)

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