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The Monte Carlo is a new casting introduced this year by Hot Wheels in the 1975 Flying Colors Series. It is based on the 1:1 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe made by GM. Larry Wood penned the casting design for Mattel. The casting came in both Lemon Yellow and Yellow enamel paint this year. Wiki/Fandom shows a paint study image with 3 shades of yellow and two lemon yellow shades. Produced in Hong Kong it came with a black interior, blue window piece and a chrome plastic chassis.

The Flying Tampo design features a blue strip along the lower fenders and doors with a blue Chevrolet logo at the front portion of the door. Both are complimented by a thin blue outline along the top and bottom of the logo and center stripe. Various sponsor logos of the era are grouped above the Chevy logo. A rectangular blue field with a thin complimentary outline has a white #38 on the rear portion of the door above the stripes. A red Hot Wheels flame logo is found on the rear quarter panel above the stripe elements.

The visible rolling chassis elements of the chromed plastic base are the front grill and bumper, side exhaust pipes and rear bumper.

Type II RL wheel sets are used front and rear.

The carded reference image from The Elite Redline Guide (2010) for this casting shows it in yellow enamel paint and RLs on a white card back with 1975 red Hot Wheels lettering and blue Flying Colors lettering with a larger orange P-917 casting image followed by a smaller blue Heavy Chevy and then the Baja Bruiser in yellow behind them.

In 1976, a renamed version of the same casting called the Lowdown (#9185) was distibuted. It was painted in a light blue enamel with a white, yellow and white triple stripe along the center line of the hood, roof and trunk. The words "Flying Low" is printed in purple in the outer stripes on the hood. On the roof and trunk a flower pattern is there. In the center stripe it starts with a white then purple flame pattern. THe purple flame pattern continues on the roof and the hood is just yellow.

In 1975, the Monte Carlo Stocker was also released in the Thundershift 500 Track Set.

In 1977, the Lowdown was released with a gold chrome body and initially with Type II RLs and later with BWS.

In 1977, the casting was released again in the same paint and tampo design with BW wheels sets.

In 1983, the Lowdown casting was released Internationally - in Mexico only. It was done in a dark blue enamel paint and used Gold Hot Ones (GHO) wheel sets. It was also released in the mainline series in red enamel, a grey base and a tan interior. The tampo is done in white, yellow and orange tampo ink. Production is noted on the base as being in Malaysia.

In 1986, it was released in Mexico again. Two versions can be found - one has a blue tint window piece and the other a black opaque window piece.

Thrill Drivers Set ?

Information resources -

The Elite Redline Guide (2010)
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