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The DFRCR are having their WINTER WARM-UP race again on November 7th and 8th

One Cell 7.5 BRL Rules
One Cell 10.5 BRL Rules
Once Cell 13.5 BRL Rules
17.5 Spec Truck Track Rules
Losi Sliders Track Rules
Losi Late Models Track Rules

If two or more people want to run something else, they will make room in our schedule for any other class to run.

To see the flyer for this race, go to http://www.dfrcr.com/.

$15 for first car and $8 for second car or more...

Three rounds of qualifying on Saturday. Doors open at 1:00pm, 1st round of qualifying at 4:00pm. Last chance qualifiers and Mains on Sunday. Doors open at 8:00am and Last chance qualifiers start at 10:30am.

Awards for the top three in the A-Main's in 7.5, 10.5, 13.5 COT and the 17.5 Spec Truck classes.

And for some extra fun, we will be having a "POT LUCK 100" race in any of the classes that want to join. What this is, is the drivers from each class decide on a $$$ amount to throw into the "POT", each driver throwing in the same amount and the driver who wins the 100 lap race, takes the pot for each class. The twist is, for the drivers who want to race, the starting line up will be based on the results from the 3rd round of qualifying, INVERTED :thumbsup:. If you sandbag your qualifiers to get a good starting spot in the "POT LUCK 100", the other drivers will know - don't do it. Remember, this race is for the fun of it, this race doesn't affect your qualifying for the mains on Sunday.


One Cell 10.5

1. Mark Steiner
2. William Gibson
3. Skip Brillhart
4. Dan Morgan

One Cell 13.5

1. Tyler Kleiner
2. Jim Nesteby
3. Larry Richey
4. Tony Mitchell
5. Aaron Mitchell

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Good night of racing. The decision was made to run all 4 qualifiers and the mains tonight, so there will be no racing on Sunday.
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