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FREE ENTRY into Points Series!

Each Race Day will have their own Points Series:
Wednesdays: Dirt Oval / OffRoad 6:30pm
Friday: Carpet Oval 7:00pm
Saturdays: Dirt Oval / OffRoad 3:00pm

Series Begins Wednesday January 13th, Friday the 15th & Saturday the16th, Final race Sat. March 5th
8 Race Series, best 6 finishes are counted

Big Dog RC Stickers awarded weekly / Trophies for top points in Class
& every driver that runs at least 6 races in their class
(If you can’t make 6/8 races, you can pay a $10 participation fee per race and still receive a trophy)
Points: 1st-4pts. 2nd-3pts. 3rd-2pts. All Others 1pt.
BONUS POINTS! Run 7 weeks and receive 2 Bonus Points, Run all 8 weeks and receive 4 total Bonus Points!

Big Dog RC Emblem Stickers Payout at EVERY Race:

There must be at least 6 races/class in the series for Awards to be given
No limit on days/classes entered. Ex; You could enter 2wd Buggy on Wed.& Sat..

Big Dog RC * 482 Stoneboro Lateral Rd., Stoneboro, PA. 16153 * 1-724-376-2379 * www.bigdogrc.com
Next Trophy Race: “Spring Fever” Saturday, March 19th

2,785 Posts
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Results 1/23/16
135 Total entries

Race of the night was James Doherty (I think 8yrs. old) beating out 18 4wd SC Trucks for the A Main win! James had a race time 1 second faster than Jeremy LeDonne in the Dec. race!

Demo Derby
Ron Kautchick,Bill Wiggins,Jakob Raskob

Spec Oval Trucks
JR Bash,Dale Reiser,Lillian Davis

4wd Oval
Bill Wiggins,Brian Shevitz,James Hubbard

2wd Mod Oval
Bill Wiggins,Jason Smith,Rick Robbins

Spec Sprint
Tim Taylor,JR Bash,Jimmy Connor

Sportsman Oval
Hunter Miller,Tim Taylor,Ethan Siple

2wd Offroad Short Course Trucks
Bill Davis,Erich Bobby,The Hulk

2wd Offroad Buggies
Dale Reiser,Gene Snyder,Bill Davis

2wd Offroad Stadium Trucks
Gene Snyder,John Gerdes,Eric Ball

Offroad Truggies
IronMan,Colton Gabany,Brian Shevitz

Sportsman Offroad Buggies
Matt Lance,Hanna Frankito,Noah Miller

Sportsman Offroad Trucks
Lillian Davis,Payton inskeep,Austin Dougherty

1/10 4wd Offroad Buggies
Dale Reiser,Randy Gabany,Russell Shaner

4wd Offroad Trucks
James Doherty,IronMan,Cody Cochran

1/8 4wd Offroad Buggies
Erich Bobby,Tom Frankito,James Doherty

Next race 1/30/16
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