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Windtunnel Now has Donuts and colored wheels for everyone, in addition to the new line of Touring foams.

Tire horns were here and gone faster than they could be put on the website. Keep in mind that Windtunnel deals around the world and not just the US. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the world market but we are building supply in order to do this

Windtunnel also has our new line of "PE" axles being shipped. The new "PE" 1/8th axles are very improved over the first batch we did after the fall or wolfe a few years back. Even though appearance was not what myself or others wanted to see, we had no choice but to get something back on the market. The Windtunnel offset axles that many of you have are a good indicator or what is now available in our "PE" inline axles.

Rob @ Windtunnel Racing Products
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