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roadrner said:

Great looking track! One question, If your at the blue station, do you loose sight on the far turn or is the table height such that an average height person can see over the overpass? SWEET! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: rr
You'd think so Dave, but turn one is a huge sweeper that you can throttle through with confidence. If your at the blue station, brake early, then throttle on just after your car disappears till your car pops out the other side. Ya gotta be ready for the little cutback when your car appears from under the overpass in order to make the intermediate middle chute.

Turn one is not near as tricky as the little fading corkscrew after the overpass. There was carnage o-plenty here. It'll really sneak up on you especially with high zoop light benders. It'll drop out from under you if your not off the juice in time!

My personal nemesis, is the very last turn before the front chute. The temptation to pound into this turn is considerable after the little adrenaline rush that comes from successfully navigating the screw. The little blip straight after the screw doesnt help matters. It's shorter than it looks. Check the picture! It's the trickiest turn on the board. IMHO.

This track is sooooo smooooooth ya just cant describe it, so I used a lot of "O's". Which is what you'll say after a few laps. As in, "Oh my god this is fun! Fit and finish are fantastic.

Adjectives fail me; so I'll just say I'm looking forward to running on Maple Valley's finest.

I'd just like to know what Marty had to pony up in trade in order to get the TM to sign off on Wilderness Hills. He aint talkin'!

BTW Looks like your hot rods got a drippy main seal bud, better let take it out and flog it. I'll get that seal good and hot and maybe it'll tighten up. :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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