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i was wondering i found 2 BTTF time machines and they have 2 diff packages is this normal one doesnt say BTTF at the top
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Does the card look like this?


That appears to be an international card as opposed to the US one that has the BTTF logo at the top.
I didn't notice you posted while I was finding stuff to link. Yeah, the one is an international card. Nothing special.
Even most things that some people say are rare... aren't. They just might be hoarded by people. Cars that come out these days aren't going to be worth a bunch of money later either because so many are made and are being kept in good condition. Just keep buying what you like.
ebay is funny i look up my cars for fun and to make my wife think im not wasting money every car i buy for 88cents is worth 3 or more $ lol
I assume you're looking at items that are still for sale at that time. Just because people have them listed at $3 doesn't mean they're selling well at that price. Most of them are probably relisted over and over. Add a handful to your watch list and let them complete. Leave them there until the item gets relisted and check it again. The (slightly) smarter sellers will lower prices a little until they get back to around $1 or they sell. Others will just keep relisting at the same price and then possibly put them in storage for a while hoping to try again later. It happens with all kinds of 'collectible' things.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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