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i was wondering i found 2 BTTF time machines and they have 2 diff packages is this normal one doesnt say BTTF at the top
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Agreed 100%. If it were not for Ebay creating a "gotta have it first" hype. all these cars would be worth $1.49. Coolest thing I ever bought for $1.49 though.:)
Even most things that some people say are rare... aren't. They just might be hoarded by people. Cars that come out these days aren't going to be worth a bunch of money later either because so many are made and are being kept in good condition. Just keep buying what you like.
They are not though. That is people taking advantage of those who do not have access to them. Add shipping and the .88 car just went through the roof. Having said that a car is worth what someone will pay for it. I have overpaid only because I couldn't get it otherwise. That is just a want. 30 years from now it will be worth .88. Don't show your this to your wife.:thumbsup::)
ebay is funny i look up my cars for fun and to make my wife think im not wasting money every car i buy for 88cents is worth 3 or more $ lol
They are with the normal ones. They are cool to find, but they will be not worth much in the future. Look at TH's from a few years ago. They can be had pretty cheap. They start out high and then drop off. Would be awesome if they had their own special peg though!
i want to find some TH but they seem the hardest to find are they on spcial pegs or mixed in with the normal ones
I am not sure of every Hotwheel made, but if you know the year and model make a post on the die cast thread and ask if they ever had one in die cast. Maybe not Hot wheels, but another brand?
i also have a goal to try and find these cars http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos...732439268_1725231985_1084034_1742666333_n.jpg and paint them to match and make a trailer not sure if i can do it in hotwheels
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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