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I attend many show/sales, whether it be diecast, or slot cars. and it NEVER fails, somebody always does a #2 in their pants. Is this a strategic action used to clear an area so they can have it to themselves? Well it worked on me. I practically went blind!!
Despite that little incident, I had a great time at the warehouse sale. Didn't find any whites, but I did find some much needed pieces to fill some gaps in my collection. Unfortunately, due to limited time I wasn't able to stay in town long enough to attend the Fest :cry: Will try again next year.
On the way home I did see someone from the sale with a massive load of goodies. All 4 of the cars occupants were in the front seat, while the back was stuffed to the roof with bags and boxes. And there were two giant boxes tied on top of the trunk lid!! I hope you and your cargo made it home safely friend.
Still having the urge to hunt this a.m., I went to Meijer, an did find a White Lightning in the new "monsters" series, a very cool WWII WC54 Draculas Ambulance. So, all in all it was a good weekend!! How did you do?
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