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1. By far the best treat was the fact my real family came to the show to spend time with my HT family. My cousin's own the 1970 Buick Gran Sport on display at the events. They made it from Medina Ohio and I hope they had fun and will come again.

2. Gravity racing. Is there ANYBODY in the world who does it better than Bobby aka Capt. Lightning and Debra? Are they the best or what? HT would not be the same without his efforts.

3. The charity auction. Well done isn't good enough, more like excellent done Rob and Sherry! The first words out of Rob's mouth is..."I'll do it" even before he knows what it is. He holds hands real nice too.

4. Customs. The best work yet. Jeff Fleetwood could have his own show and now that Mark B has taken control, I think the judging was the best yet. Mark always steps up with cool awards and ideas.....a real asset to Fest.

5. Slots. This is by far my son's favorite event because he enjoys Dave Machesney's efforts, kindness, knowledge and friendship. I'm not sure who is the nicest guy in the group, but Goose sure is one of them. A real class act.

6. I got to meet Randy and Bob from the Wild Weekend of Wheels. Man did we have that group pegged wrong, at least I sure did. I'm going to put some real thought into how to join in force to have power in numbers. These guys can be a real asset to collecting and I'm going to make every effort to get to their show next year. We need to pump this thing up as they have lots of potential for the JL fan. I apologize for not being more helpful in the past with these guys. If anyone took the time to sit down with them and talk to them, they too would realize these guys are for real. Yep, I look forward to working with both next year! We both agree, an east coast, Midwest, west coast agenda for the JL fan is the way to go and we are 2/3 there as a team.

7. The Fest castings this year were by far the best ever. Mac, Art, Tony all did outstanding work. Art's little tire thing started a real sensation as well.

8. PM. PM has been a real treat to work with. Always stepping up and providing what I need to make this show go really well. They never say no, and this thing never had a chance without them. Tom Lowe will always be tops in my book. The Warehouse Sale this year blew minds. The prices were unreal. If you went there and said you found nothing, you are there for the wrong reasons! Wow sums it up best.

9. HT. What a group huh? Man you guys step up every year. BRAVO!

10. Fest 2005. Not once, NOT ONCE, did I say this was the last year and neither did Tom Lowe so why all the doom and gloom? Get ready for 2005. Chances are it will be in a different building.......but that is true every year!

Thanks to all and I'm going to work on 2005.


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I had a great time and was thankful for everything....including my wifes decision to go with me. It was just a very pleasent weekend and I throughly enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting new ones.
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