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Here is my list for trade. Looking for WL's and any HW's Nomads I don't have.
Would really like to trade for the RLC Nomad and the Convention Nomad. I'm open to all and any offers.

Trade offers to [email protected]

White Lightnings For Trade

CIH 391-10 40 Ford Delivery MOMC
Coca Cola Vinatage 309-06 Lincoln Premiere MOMC
Coca Cola Vinatage 309-06 Tucker Torpedo MOMC x 2
Coca Cola Delivery 309-05 '76 Dodge Van MOMC
Hot Rod Magazine 292-07 '66 Olds Toronado MOMC
Muscle Cars 205-01 '66 Dodge Hemi Charger MONMC (tiny tiny ding on lower edge)
Muscle Cars 205-04 '65 Pontiac GTO MONMC (tiny tiny ding on lower edge)
Muscle Cars 203-02 '65 Nova MOC (lower right corner creased)
Ragtops 437-01 '56 Chevy MOMC
American Chrome 310-04 '57 Lincoln Premiere MOMC
Street Freaks 375-11 '00 Honda Civic MONMC (very small ding lower left corner)
Street Freaks 375-12 '89 Honda CRX Custom MOMC
Clue 155-50 CJ5 Jeep MOMC
Retro Rods 206-02 '34 Ford Coupe MOMC
Firebirds 435-02 2001 Ram Air MOMC
KB Toys '72 Nova SS MOMC
HOW 362-42 Mini Cooper White MOMC
HOW 362-42 Mini Cooper Red MOMC

Zamacs For Trade

Hardnoze 2 Cool MOMC x 4
Dairy Delivery MOMC x 3
Hardnoze Dodge Neon MOMC x 2
Tooned 360 Modena MOMC x 2
Tooned Shift Kicker MOMC
Tooned Two 2 Go MOMC
Mustang Funny Car MOMC
Dairy Delivery MOC (bent bottom right corner)
Hyperliner MOC (ding on right edge)

'95 Nomad Treasure Hunt
HW RLC Nomad
Hotwheels Convention Nomad
Any 95 TH's
Ad Rods Nomad WL
American Graffiti '55 Nomad WL
CIH Samba Bus WL
Coke Polar Bear Samba Bus WL
Coke Holiday Ornaments Samba Bus WL
Coke Vintage '54 Nomad WL
Cover Cars "56 Nomad WL
Frightning Lightning WL's Any
Grateful Dead VW Bug WL
HOW Fonz's Bike WL
HOW Herbie VW WL
HOW Herbie Goes Bananas WL
Hot Rod Magazine '55 Nomad WL
James Bond 40th VW Bug WL
Spiderman 01 VW Beetle WL
Monopoly VW Bus WL
Monopoly '55 Nomad WL
Pez VW Bus WL
Black Bandit VW Bus & Bug WL
Universal Monster WL's ANY
Rod & Custom '57 Nomad
Street Freaks 443-02 All except '76 Cobra
Street Freeks 443-03 All
Street Freaks II BWF Samba Bus WL
Street Freaks II Mooneyes VW Bug WL
VW II Karmann Ghia, 00 New Beetle WL's
Thunder Wagon 2 '54 & '57 Nomad WL's
Thunder Wagon 3 All Nomad WL's
Tri Chevy 3 '56 Nomad WL
Classic Customs Nomad WL's 1 and 2
1/43 Spiderman WL (the red one)
Surf Rods 2 VW Bus WL
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